3 months ago

U.S. military members duped to help pull off insurance fraud

CBS News is exposing an insurance scam -- and you, as a taxpayer, are a victim.

It is especially egregious because members of the U.S. military are being duped to help pull off the fraud.

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Ear Institute - Hearing Healthcare South Africa & Namibia

Ear Institutes are hearing healthcare service providers with more than 22

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Guns VS Gun Control (Why I Hate Guns and Gun Control) Part IV: Law Enforcement

I love this quote. I feel it expresses the greatest point here.

We are of course referring to the time it takes for an officer to arrive on the scene. The numbers vary between districts and I don't have an average. Austin Texas shows 8.04 m read more...

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Oscar Pistorius files appeal to challenge increased prison sentence for murder of his girlfriend


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Advanced Hearing Aid Technology by Imran khan

Advances in hearing aid technology mean that we now have many more functions in hearing aids than ever before. This allows for individual lifestyle and needs to be taken into account when selecting which hearing aid is right for you. The cost of t read more...